Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have no idea what I'm doing.
Sorry for the last 12 million posts.
But enjoy the extra pics!!!!


Well, before I get beat up by my mother...I figured I should update everyone with some pictures.

In my defense, however, I will say Gina took FOREVER to post the pictures from Michael's first birthday party. After some threats to her...she finally posted them =)

Anyway...Michael is walking...he walks walks walks walks walks, plops down, gets up, and walks walks walks again, then plops, and so forth. He loves Lisa put it "He might look like Frankenstein, but he's walking!!!" :)

Here's some photos from the birthday party which went SO well! Phew!!!
Check out the AWESOME cake that Lisa's sister Stacy made!! Thank you Stacy!!!

Also, check out Michael's "standing skills" on his chair...notice I'm not too thrilled!!!!

This kid is gonna give me a heart attack!!!

He LOVES to stand on his 4wheeler and do stunts....ohhhh I can't wait for teenage years!!!!!!

Regina, Claire, Michael, Laurie, Allison, Matt AND myself all went to the Fly Creek Cider Mill the next day...mmmmm fudge, wine and cheese!!

there's a few pictures from the visit

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Attention everyone!
We seem to have broken the mystery to Michael's crankiness!! Teeth! And not just one, but a whole bunch!! I feel one on the bottom and one on the top, and I'm pretty sure another on the bottom.
No pictures, of course. But soon enough!

We also took Michael on his first park trip!! He seemed to enjoy the swing, but not so much the slide....I guess he didn't like sliding with Mommy! Oh well, next year will be fun.

Okay, gotta go take care of the military crawlin' baby!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is a really needed post!!!
It's been a while since Michael's new pictures, and these aren't actually from my camera!!
They're from Aunt Lisa's so, everyone, thank Aunt Lisa and enojoy!!!!!Can you tell which ones Michael is realllly tired and it's reallllly early in the morning =)
Sorry for the layout of these photos---Michael is a weeee bit cranky!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Excuses, excuses, excuses

I know, there's no excuse for not posting...but there sort of is.
You see, I bought a new camera charger--worked great for about 2 minutes until I put the battery in and it says on my camera "Please use a compatible battery". So, now I cannot use my camera PERIOD!
I think I will return my camera and get a new one because Michael is growing more and more each day and no one is seeing it but DJ and I!!!!!!Oh, and of course Michael's best friend, Dolce.

Anyway, in Michael news. He's standing!!!! Not on his own yet, but sure has the guts to try!
He actually pulled himself all the way up to standing position last night while sitting.
Has not mastered the crawl yet, but I think his "military crawl" is as far as he's gonna get. Just imagine a little chunky baby military crawling across the living room floor, quite entertaining =)

Last appointment he weighed 19lbs, still don't believe it!!!
All is healthy minus his diaper rash=(
But we have cream for him now which seems to be working every now and then, we have another Dr. appointment tomorrow so we'll see what she thinks.

He's blurting out Mama, baba, and Da here and there along with Buvvvv. You've gotta hear it to understand it.
Still loves television remotes, Daddy's Playstation controller, and every little paper under the coffee table....anything that isn't his to play with.
Might I add how much he LOVES Dolce?!
Poor Dolce yelps when he tugs to hard at her eyes...which brings me to Michael's next favorite thing to do...PINCHING! God that child has quite the grip. You've gotta see our arms and face and everywhere else he grabs...we're all bruised!!!!!

Aside from him pinching, he is a darling little angel.
Hopefully I will have new pictures up soon!!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Really, really late updating.


Michael is now almost 8 months old and has completely changed.  Sorry for such a late update, we've just been so busy and haveS6300985 no time!!!

Since the last post, he's been rolling around and saying random blurbs of "Mama and Dada and bablawa".  When we last took him to the doctor he weighed 18 pounds in which everyone disagrees with; he's got to be at least 20! 

We took a nice little visit down to Long Island for Mother's day and Michael charmed his way to everyone's heart=).  He also played with Claire, his cousS6301004in, and had a photo shoot with Regina.

Michael is trying his hardest to crawl, he just can't figure out what to do with his arms.  He also sits up all by himself for a while until he falls down and tries to sit up again.  Michael also has a new best friend Dolce, our puppy.  He absolutely loves her.  Everytime she runs by he cracks up and gets all excited.  Dolce loves him too, even though Michael likes to pull at her hair.  Her idea of a bite is licking you to death.

In other Michael news...he's beginning to teetS6300992h!  It seems to get worse and then nothing.  He was really bad when Amina was here so we gave him a cold, cold washcloth to chew on and he seemed okay.

We've noticed Michael trying to stand on us everytime we have him sitting and all he wants to do is stand, and jump!  I have a feeling he's going to be a very, very active baby!  If this doesn't give you much of a hint as to why I say this--DJ began walking, yes walking,  when he was 9 months old.  Boy do we have our hands full!

Here are some pictures of the two on the floor.

   S6301000 S6300993 S6301005   S6300981S6300979

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 months old!!!

I can't believe it, but Michael is already 4 months old.  He had his checkup yesterday and drum roll......16 lbs. 25 inches long!!!!  The doc said he's above average in growth--which was no surprise to anyone.  My little chunker is getting so big!  He also had his shots again.  It wasn't as bad as last time but that was because I gave him Tylenol 30 minutes before the the way, I highly recommend that!!

Everything is healthy for the little man!  I gave him a bit of rice cereal yesterday and he's sort of into it but not quite.  He loves to grab everything and bring it to his mouth.  He causes quite the mess if he has things around him=).

I would post new pictures but SOMEONE(hint hint Aunt Laurie) has my camera.  Maybe SOMEONE(hint hint Aunt Laurie) should take a visit upstate to bring the camera back=).